AIZA Congress 2023

15 March, 2023 0

On March 2-3 and 4, Oasys MiniHollywood participated in the annual congress of the Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AIZA) 2023 held in Gran Canaria at the Poema de Mar aquarium.

Under the motto PROMOTING CONSERVATION, the congress was dedicated to making visible the impulse that zoos and aquariums give to the BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION CYCLE proposed by the International Union (IUCN) in its Strategy for the Conservation of Nature.

In the meeting of more than 100 professionals from different management areas of zoological institutions, they discussed, among others, the IUCN Reverse the Red movement, as well as the captive breeding and reintroduction projects of threatened species carried out by the institutions zoos belonging to AIZA, as well as the application of new technologies in the education departments of zoos and aquariums.

This year Oasys MiniHollywood has had a strong involvement in the development of the congress, since one of the park’s veterinarians, Javier Romera Mondragón, has been chosen as head of the AIZA Veterinary Group this year, and will be in charge of the development of the veterinary part of the next congress.

In addition, he has presented a clinical case of one of the animals from the Oasys park in the central exhibition hall, making known the work of veterinary care carried out in our zoological collection.

Carrying out these external presentations helps the continuous training and improvement of the education, research and veterinary departments of the zoos that are part of the association.

AIZA brings together the most important zoos and aquariums in Spain and Portugal with the purpose of strengthening relations between them, at a technical and educational level, as well as encouraging zoos to be centers for animal recovery and conservation, as well as environmental education.

In these annual congresses it is possible to unify criteria and that all zoos walk together towards the same objective of educating for and for the conservation of nature.

Like every year, Oasys MiniHollywood involved in the conservation of protected species and nature.

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