Almería Western Film Festival 2021 in MiniHollywood

25 October, 2021 0


On October 8, the opening of the 11th Edition of the Almería Western Film Festival was held at the Saloon Yellow Rose of Oasys MiniHollywood in which one more year Senator Hotels and Resorts has been one of the largest sponsors of said event, betting on the culture and local development.


At the Festival, the ‘Leone in Memoriam’ award was awarded to Ennio Morricone, collected by his biographer Alessandro de Rosa, and the Tabernas Desert Award to the writer Sir Christopher Frayling (1946), a pioneer in the dissemination of the Tabernas Desert as a cinematographic setting.


With all the security and prevention measures, numerous events have been carried out, such as the official section of feature films, short films, presentation of literary works, the “probably” largest exhibition of Western Playmóbil in Spain, theater and music from the OCAL accompanying the symbolic act of the burial of the ¨Leone in Memoriam¨ Award to Ennio Morricone so that part of his spirit may rest in the cemetery of the MiniHollywood film set, where all the attendees who so wished could participate in the act.


Franco Nero, special guest at Oasys MiniHollywood, recalled all the films shot in the province of Almería surrounded by the specialists of our park in an emblematic afternoon in which he recalled his most risky actions in ¨Goodbye, Texas¨, ¨Los Locos del Oro Negro “,” Salary to kill “or” The companions “. Therefore, the actor received the Tabernas de Cine Award and assured that he hopes to be able to shoot a Western again in the province of Almería. During his stay at Oasys MiniHollywood, the interview for the TVE Film Days Program was filmed:



At the closing gala of the Festival, the Canarian director, winner of four Goya awards, Mateo Gil, was awarded for his film ¨Blackthorn¨, which was included in the Retrospective Section of the festival.

Oasys MiniHollywood, together with the Tabernas City Council and other collaborators, are already working to prepare the next Festival Edition.


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