19 March, 2021 0

The most International short film directed by Manuel Olaya and shot at Oasys MiniHollywood, ARIZONA 1878, has been selected in the United States at the MLC AWARDS in Wisconsin USA, with four nominations:

  • Best Western.
  • Best film with Latin knowledge.
  • Best Actor, Miki Molina.
  • Best cinematography.

In addition, among the nine nominees  ¨SILENCE¨  sneaks into the MLC AWARDS  with two nominations for:

  • Best Alternative Reality Film
  • Adventure – Fantasy – VFX Productions

These are two of the three projects that the director Manuel Olaya currently has presented in different international competitions and for all of them he has always counted on the cinematographic sets of Oasys MiniHollywood.

Manuel Olaya is currently preparing his new work that he will also develop in our facilities and the promotion of ARIZONA 1878, which has also entered the Official Selection of the Bitesize Film Festival in the United Kingdom and in one of the most prestigious Independent Film competitions. , from Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA, the INDEPENDENT SHORT AWARDS.

And he has done it stomping and triple:

  • Best Western Genre Short Film
  • Best Director, Manuel Olaya
  • Best Production Design

This means that it has been pre-selected by the judges among a considerable number of submissions, due to the high level and high competitiveness of the Festival with productions from more than 22 countries and its short film will be recognized with the Official Festival Laurel and a personalized certificate, considering the scores ARIZONA 1878 obtained.

So from Oasys MiniHollywood, we want to offer our most sincere support so that you win. Much courage, ¨ARIZONA 1878¨.



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