Birth at Oasys MiniHollywood

7 March, 2022 0

Birth at Oasys MiniHollywood

A new member of  Somali Wild Ass (Equus africanus somalicus) gallops through the savannah in semi-freedom with his mother at Oasys MiniHollywood.



This species in critical danger of extinction, has less than 200 specimens in the wild distributed in small areas of Eritrea and Ethiopia, so with the birth of this precious baby, it is contributed through the European Captive Breeding Program (EEP) so that this endangered species does not disappear.

Well adapted to arid climates, females give birth to a single baby after 12-13 months of gestation, being able to live with little food and even going days without drinking, with standing up to a loss of water of 30% of their body weight.

They dissipate heat thanks to their large ears, which also help them capture sounds from possible predators, from which they do not always flee, but sometimes manage to repel them by kicking and biting.

The males are very territorial and have a group of females that they protect and guard, while the less fortunate males live in groups of bachelors.

Help us find a name for our new Somali Wild Ass baby and come visit him at Oasys MiniHollywood.



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