Oasys MiniHollywood participates in the EAZA Annual Conference 2019

27 December, 2019

The Oasys MiniHollywood park participated again this year in the European Associations of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Annual Conference, one of the most important events worldwide on the conservation of fauna and nature. It was held from September 17 to 22 at Bioparc Valencia.

EAZA is an association comprising more than one hundred institutions that work on conservation, research, and education. It aims to uphold the highest standards of care, breeding, and management of animals in zoological institutions.

More than 800 scientists from all over the world participated in the conference, including specialists on conservation, management, transportation, nutrition, and other aspects related to the species of wild animals in European zoos and aquaria.

Like every year, the Oasys MiniHollywood zoological reserve took part in these conferences, contributing its knowledge in order to take stock of the status of some threatened species. José María Rodríguez, Technical Director of the park, and Melody Cortés, conservationist and veterinarian, attended on behalf of Oasys MiniHollywood.

EAZA Annual Conference 2019

The zoological reserve participated in a more prominent manner in the feline working groups (Felid TAG), given that veterinarian Melody Cortés is the person in charge of the jaguarundi feline (Herpailurus yagouaroundi). This animal is especially threatened in the jungles of Mexico and Argentina due to habitat loss and human factors.

Cortés spoke to participants about the current condition of this species in captivity as well as the existing action plans to guarantee the survival and better conservation of the genetics of these specimens in the mid- and long-term, both in European and Latin American institutions.

During this meeting, other threatened species and different recovery plans were discussed, such as in the speech by Antonio Rivas Toñé, manager of the Conservation and Reintroduction project for the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus).

Antonio Rivas in EAZA Annual Conference 2019

In addition to a noteworthy presentation, he spoke of a very successful future for the extension of the lynx throughout a large part of the Iberian Peninsula, thus recuperating part of Spain’s native fauna given that by conserving this species, the entire Mediterranean ecosystem is preserved.

For another year, Oasys MiniHollywood took part in the largest annual conference on the protection and conservation of species and the environment.