Educational Offerings

In the zoological reserve children and adults will discover the planet’s biodiversity, the reality of many species that are endangered and necessity to respect and protect nature.

4 reasons for visiting us

  1. It is a unique historical thematic park where fun is guaranteed.
  2. The strong commitment by the biodiversity conservation, reflected in the daily work.
  3. The great educational value offered: historical, biological, environmental, but mainly value education.
  4. Quality in all its services and its adaptability to the visitor.

Activities Goals

  • Enliven and entertain in an educational way.
  • Raise awareness of the natural environment around us.
  • Gain knowledge and stimulate critical capacity.
  • Reflect upon the impact of our actions on nature.
  • Promote respectful behavior towards the natural environment and other cultures.
  • To promote and enhance the skills development, active participation and positive attitudes.

Guied Tours

All routes have 45 minutes duration, with a supplement on the price for “entrance tour” per route and per child of 1 € (VAT included). The activity schedule will be determined in the reserve with the Education Department.

Oasys Route

Oasys Minihollywood ruta Oasys

We will see the central area of the zoo and we will discover the differences between mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Okavango Route

Oasys Minihollywood Ruta Okavango 1

We will know the Okavango area and talk about this peculiar river and the endangered species conservation programs carried out in Oasys MiniHollywood.

Savannah Route

Oasys Minihollywood Ruta Sabana

We will see the semi-liberty area and know the savannah and all their animals: zebras, felines, giraffes, rhinos…


Oasys Minihollywood Ruta Minihollywood

Cinema history:
We will visit the western town with its historical content and anecdotes, depending on the age group.


Adapted to the characteristics and to the age groups, in contents and in material. Are 1:30 h duration. Supplement on the price of “entrance tour” per route and per child 2 € (VAT included).

The activity schedule will be as determined in the reserve depending on the Education Department. The workshops can be imparted in both Spanish and English.

Guess the Animal

Novedad en los talleres organizados por el área de educación de Oasys MiniHollywood

Dynamic and participatory, recommended for preschoolers
We discover fun facts about animals in this classic guessing game. Can you guess which of our animals has the longest tongue?

Amphibians and reptiles: the great strangers

Novedad en los talleres organizados por el área de educación de Oasys MiniHollywood

Hands-on (from 5th grade through high school)
Many people are afraid of reptiles and amphibians. We believe that we can change this view by bringing our visitors up close to these enigmatic animals that are essential for maintaining ecosystems.

Art at the zoo

Crafts workshops (suitable for all ages)
From discovering animals’ paw prints to reusing materials that we use in everyday life to create our own cowboy and Indian costumes.

Surviving in the desert

Adaptations to our environmental (high school)
In the only desert in Europe, we can discover all this arid environment has to offer by creating a poster or a comic book.


What’s it all about? (high school)
A classroom chat plus a role-playing game in which we will discover the importance of the survival of species.

Animal Games

Very participatory team game (from preschool to 2nd grade)
We’ll put ourselves in the shoes of animals by imitating their sounds, habits, and, through images, we can explain their characteristics and peculiarities.

Hide and Seek

Camouflage game (from preschool to 2nd grade)
We all love to play hide and seek, but it’s more exciting when we hide small animals to learn about their camouflage in nature.

Photo safari

Will they be able to complete the obstacle course? (high school)
Students will have to respond to hints that are sent to their cell phones by using images and texts to pass the test and move on to the next clue. Questions related to animals and conservation with a final task in the center’s classroom.

Made to measure

Custom workshops
We can adapt the content and objectives to create a custom workshop for your group. If your center has a project or is interested in reinforcing any type of content or values during your visit, don’t hesitate to ask us. We want to be a resource for all educational centers.


Animals in danger and threats to them (from 3rd grade to high school)
Zoos and aquariums work with animals at risk of extinction to help species survive. We’ll explain how to achieve this and who their enemies are.

Obstacle course: How to combat climate change?”

Climate change (elementary and high school)
By following clues, we’ll visit the animals in the Oasys area and discover the reasons behind climate change and small steps we can take in our daily lives to improve the situation.