Educational Offerings

In the Zoological Reserve children and adults will discover the Planet's biodiversity, the reality of many species that are endangered and necessity to respect and protect Nature.

4 Reasons for visiting us

  1. It is a unique historical Thematic Park where fun is guaranteed
  2. The strong commitment by the Biodiversity Conservation, reflected in the daily work
  3. The great educational value offered: historical, biological, environmental, but mainly value education
  4. Quality in all its services and its adaptability to the visitor

Activities Goals

  • Enliven and entertain in an educational way
  • Raise awareness of the natural environment around us
  • Gain knowledge and stimulate critical capacity
  • Reflect upon the impact of our actions on nature
  • Promote respectful behavior towards the natural environment and other cultures
  • To promote and enhance the skills development, active participation and positive attitudes

Guied Tours

All routes have 45 minutes duration, with a supplement on the price for "entrance tour" per route and per child of 1 € (VAT included). The activity schedule will be determined in the Reserve with the Education Department

Oasys Route

We will see the central area of the zoo and we will discover the differences between mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians

Okavango Route

We will know the Okavango area and talk about this peculiar river and the endangered species conservation programs carried out in Oasys

Savannah Route

We will see the Semi-liberty area and know the Savannah and all their animals: zebras, felines, giraffes, rhinos ... etc


We will visit the Western Town with its historical content and anecdotes, depending on the age group


Adapted to the characteristics and to the age groups, in contents and in material. Are 1:30 h. duration. Supplement on the price of "entrance tour" per route and per child 2 € (VAT included).

The activity schedule will be as determined in the Reserve depending on the Education Department. The workshops can be imparted in both Spanish and English.

Let's hide

CAMOUFLAGE WORKSHOP (Infant and primary)
We will play hide and seek with the zoo animals and learn how they camouflage themselves and why it is so important to do so.

Yucca Tribe

We will know the Narido Indian history and we will learn how to care the Nature everyday


Why the giraffes have the neck so long?, why the rhinos like so much the mud ?. These questions and many more can be answered by imitating the zoo animals

Find its Habitat

We will follow some clues to discover what animals live in each site, to place each animal in its corresponding habitat

No one who can live here

We will create a food chain of differents ecosystems and we will explain the dangers on each one.

Surviving the desert

We will learn the animals and plants adaptations that live in the desert, as there is plenty of life in the desert, although appearances would suggest otherwise.

Gymkhana "The Oasys Route”

CLIMATIC CHANGE (Primary and Secondary)
By tracks we will discover the central zoo area animals and solving environmental problems that affect us all

Search and find

New Workshop in Oasys MiniHollywood

In this workshop they will have to find the animals that live in certain landscapes that are described and who knows ... maybe imagine a new animal that can be adapted to an inhospitable habitat ...


We will know our animals and their peculiarities by cards that will guide the students for discovering their biological characteristics.

Working side by side

New Workshop in Oasys MiniHollywood

CONSERVATION (Primary and Secondary)
We will discover the work done by the zoos for the biodiversity preservation, this workshop depends on the campaign on which you are working at that time of the visit. Working as a team as it is done in the zoos to save ecosystems and animal species.

Biodiversity vignettes

New Workshop in Oasys MiniHollywood

DIVERSES THEMES (Primary and Secondary)
In this workshop students will develop their own comic with topics of interest to the center or with our proposals: endangered species, habitats and ecosystems, climate change, biological characteristics ... Creativity and learning guaranteed.

On the verge of extinction

New Workshop in Oasys MiniHollywood

CONSERVATION (Infant, Primary and Secondary)
We will know the endangered animals and how we can solve it so these species do not become extinct. Suitable for all ages, and with different methodologies.