Halloween 2021 at Oasys MiniHollywood

9 November, 2021 0


Halloween 2021 at Oasys MiniHollywood


On October 31 and until November 1, Oasys MiniHollywood prepared the terrifying and fun Halloween party. The special decoration this year was distributed from the West Town, where visitors could take a photo with our Skeleton Cowboy, to the new Grill Restaurant of the Okavango where pumpkin figures and a great ghost welcomed.


A special dance program was prepared at the Yellow Rose Saloon, where our dancers, characterized as spectral souls, and our master of ceremonies, made all attendees tremble with fear. The Saloon was filled with cobwebs, bats, coffins and the undead, complying with the COVID-19 protocol at all times, they instilled fear and laughter in equal parts.


At the Arizona Restaurant buffet a wide variety of Halloween-themed dishes were prepared, such as cheese bats, Hell’s salad, casket sandwiches, mummy meatloaf, witch-hair spaghetti, giant’s Frankfurt fingers, the ghost meringues, and a great variety of other dishes, which were the delight of the little ones and also the oldest.


Oasys MiniHollywood completely set on Halloween and full of visitors dressed up for the occasion, offered its funniest and most surprising side.


Enjoy our themed weekends at our themed park.



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