Kill them all and don´t come back alone

7 February, 2022 0

¨Kill them all and don´t come back alone¨

The short film by director Enrique Novials, “Kill him and don’t come back alone” will have its premiere at Oasys MiniHollywood with the presence of the main actresses, Emma Ros and Marzia Liuzzi, in addition to that of Enrique Novials.

After “Calamity Jane 1882”, which was already at the Almeria western festival, resulting in 31 nominations at festivals and 15 awards, the director makes his second installment of what will end up being a feminist western trilogy, since at this moment it is preparing the last production of the trilogy, “Letters to the daughter”.

It is a western with many nods to classic westerns, as the title itself indicates, since it is inspired by Castellari’s “Kill them and come back”, which was also shot in Almería.



Oasys MiniHollywood has been the perfect setting to set the new short by Novials, where Carol, the protagonist, tries everything to rescue her daughter, who has been kidnapped in a bank robbery by the Rubio’s gang. All hope seems to vanish until a bounty hunter, Diana, enters the scene.

Novials gives its protagonists the strength and female empowerment so typical of today, giving a twist to the classic western where women only appear as brides, wives or samaritans of love in the Wild West Saloons, thus breaking with the cliché of the Western genus.

On February 12, in addition to the usual Oasys MiniHollywood shows, customers will be able to attend the premiere of said film. At the end of the day, different passes will be given to enjoy this premiere at the Oasys MiniHollywood Saloon.

Do not miss it.


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