New filming at Oasys MiniHollywood: «Two Bullets for the Devil» by Manuel Olaya

9 June, 2023 0

After suffering the death of his daughter, the lead actor, Cavendish, ostensibly a barber in the troubled town of Dudson City, meets a rough and tumble individual who arrives at his establishment. Cavendish plays along with him until an unexpected outcome.

Enrique Durio, Pedro López, Laura Felices and Antonio Olaya star in this new short film in which the director Manuel Olaya revives the essence of the classic western, supported by a careful production design together with the most iconic environments of the genre.

The main actor, Enrique Durio, after the death of his daughter will only live to avenge her, conjuring that those responsible will die for the lead.

The actions of this new short film take place in the film sets of Oasys MiniHollywood, being the main sequence in the western barbershop, which has been decorated with all kinds of utensils that were available at that time.

A place where not only a barber but also a dentist was practised, and even used as a hot bath area for outsiders.

The execution of the film shies away from the traditional spaghetti western genre and is based more on the great American westerns directed by John Ford.

Notably, the soundtrack is by Almeria-based composer Miralles which enhances the epic drama of the film.

Once again, Oasys MiniHollywood bets on young talents producing this short film by the famous director Manuel Olaya.

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