20 June, 2023 0

A renovation that is part of a master plan with major new developments until 2026

With the summer season just started, thousands of families are expected to arrive this summer at the well-known western theme park. An «oasis» in the middle of the desert of Tabernas (Almeria), which is more than ready to welcome everyone with a large aquatic area and lots of trees throughout the enclosure.

One of the big questions that visitors ask themselves, especially repeat visitors or those who have their annual pass, is what new features they will be able to enjoy each new season.

This summer is full of good news, such as the refurbishment of the Grill-Mirador Okavango. Now, a restaurant with grilled meats and a refined touch but with a western essence.

The immediate novelty this summer is the renovation of the three museums in the Western Village area: the cinema museum, the carriage museum and the vintage car museum.

The pioneer was the cinema museum, one of the best in Spain in terms of original material. It has been modernised with large, well-lit posters in Spanish and English.

Before the end of June, the museum of western wagons will also be finished. To which will be added the illustrated history of Oasys MiniHollywood from its origin in 1974 until 2023.

In addition, the new vintage car museum area will be inaugurated, with cars such as the Seat 600 or the Ford Bus 17.

These three museum buildings are a great complement to the theme park and the zoological reserve, making Oasys MiniHollywood the largest park dedicated to the American West in Andalusia, in southern Spain.

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