Our rates


1 ticket 22,50€

Children 4 to 12 years

1 ticket (4 to 12 years) 12,50€

Children 0 to 3.99 years

1 ticket (0 to 3.99 years) Free


1 ticket 18,50€

Adults with buffet

1 ticket + Buffet 34,00€

Children with buffet

1 ticket (4 to 12 years) + Buffet 20,00€

Pensioners with buffet

1 ticket + Buffet 30,50€

Large Family

Third child free accompanied by 2 adults and 2 children paying

Disabled adult

1 ticket 15€

Disabled children

1 ticket 9€

Adult OASYS member

Adult OASYS Member 49,50€

Children OASYS member

Children OASYS Member 25€


To make a group visit to Oasys Park, you should know that there is a minimum number of visitors to form a group

Minimum 25 people

Check availability and apply for budget on: poblado@playasenator.com

All You can eat Buffet

Adults: 17€ (It includes drink to choose between water, soda, beer or wine)

Children (3-12 years old): 10€ (It includes drink to choose between water or soda)

Restaurant service for Events

For any reservation at the restaurant, request reservation at least 15 days before, as it could be totally or partially booked.

For booking the restaurant it is mandatory to make a payment of 20% of the food, at least 15 days before.

Now available in Oasys Apple Pay as a payment method.