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Bars & Restaurants

Discover the different services that Oasys MiniHollywood offers in its facilities: rest and relax in its different restaurants, bars and cafes that we offer you, such as, restaurant Arizona, saloon The Yellow Rose, ice-cream shop La Reserva, cafe La Reserva and “chiringuito” Africa. In Oasys MiniHollywood there is the possibility of themed events.

Arizona Restaurant

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At the Arizona restaurant, every opening day of the park is offered an all you can eat buffet (lunch service). Opening hours are from 1 pm until 4 pm. There is the possibility of getting the meal ticket at the park entrance with a discount when buying your ticket, or buy it at the entrance of the restaurant itself. In addition, customers of Senator Hotels & Resorts on “half board”, “full board” or “all inclusive” can also have lunch at the restaurant (only the consumption of its beverages will be charged). We have inside a small pool to cool off in the summer. This pool is only opened during peak season.

The restaurant’s capacity in the different halls is 450 people including the tables outside by the pool. In the restaurant we are backed by FACE to cook special food for celiac. All kinds of events and business meals are made. For those who want to make reservations for groups, we have an e-mail to manage everything quickly

Grill Mirador Okavango Restaurant

50 lunch seats in a unique, peaceful and open-air setting with stunning views.
Also ideal for group, family or business meals.

You can choose from 2 menus (served at the table), which include select cuts of BBQ meat, grilled vegetables and roast potatoes, as well as an extensive menu for the little ones. At the end of the meal, those who want to indulge themselves will enjoy our varied menu of homemade desserts.

BBQ 2.0: 25€.
BBQ 3.0: 35€.
Children’s menu: 14€

Those for adults do not include water, fruit or ice cream.
Children’s includes ice cream but not drinks.

Open during the high season from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Reservations at the ticket office.

The Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose saloon is one of the most emblematic and original of western town area, place where hundreds of film shoots have been recreated and where history still smells. A perfect place to enjoy from a soda or a drink, to even the possibility of eating a sandwich snack recalling the Far West.

Saloon is also accompanied by country music and is the place where the girls can-can show is made.

La Reserva cafe

The perfect place to relax before departing for semi-liberty or when returning from it. Relax with mood music and/or enjoying animal documentary videos, you can also take from a café or similar, to one of the most modern gin and tonic.

In the scenic terrace you will be able to see all the animals area called Okavango.

La Reserva Ice-Cream Shop

La Reserva ice-cream shop, obligatory walking through place in the animal area called Oasys. Open seasonally. Enjoy the color and taste of summer during the visit, also delicious and freshly made baguettes and hot sandwiches are prepared.

It has a large terrace next to some gardens to be able to rest during your visit.

“Chiringuito” África

In the heart of African animals, where you can taste different variety of burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, salads and fresh fruit. It has a terrace next to the hippos viewpoint and a small ecosystem representing the dry bed of an African river.

Barbecue Area

In the barbecue area is where we do the majority of the outdoor events. In addition of performing centenarian barbecues, it is the ideal place for enjoying of a cocktail or a snack.