In Oasys you will find many services to meet all your needs. All our facilities are wheelchair accessible, There is available; an area of first aid care, parking in front of the entrance and for buses, events and celebrations management with large rooms, guided tours and group tours, train rides around the park, souvenir shops, a photo studio where you can be photographed dressed as General Custer, Daniel Boone, Squaw India or Juanita Calamity. For everything you may need we will be happy to assist you.

Guided Tours

Niños admirando un ave junto a una educadora del Parque Oasys MiniHollywoodVisitas Guiadas

All routes have 45 minutes duration,with a supplement on the price of "free tour" per route and child of 1 € (VAT included). The activity schedule will be determined in the Reserve with the Education Department


Tigre de Bengala dándose un refrescante baño en la reserva zoológica de Oasys MiniHollywood

We will see the central area of the zoo and we will discover the differences between mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians


Primer plano de Cocodrilo del Nilo Oasys MiniHollywood

We will know the Okavango area and talk about this peculiar river and the endangered species conservation programs carried out in Oasys


Guepardo africano de la reserva zoológica de Oasys MiniHollywood

We will see the Semi liberty area and know the savannah and all their animals: zebras, felines, giraffes, rhinos ... etc


Imagen de Clint Eastwood en la película El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo - Oasys MiniHollywood

We will visit the Western Town with its historical content and anecdotes, depending on the age group

Souvenir Shops

Oasys MiniHollywood - Tienda de Souvenirs - vista de peluches, gafas de sol, juguetes varios
Oasys MiniHollywood - Tienda de Souvenirs y varios productos en las estanterías
Oasys MiniHollywood - Tienda de Souvenirs con varios artículos. vista de las estanterías llenas de productos

Take a souvenir of your visit to Oasys or acquire an exclusive product from our Gourmet store. All sorts of items for all ages.

Fancy dress store & Photo Studio

Detalle de estrella de Sheriff Oasys MiniHollywood
Oasys MiniHollywood - Estudio Fotográfico - objetos de merchandising
Oasys MiniHollywood - Estudio Fotográfico - vista del vestidor y probadores
Oasys MiniHollywood - Estudio Fotográfico - atrezzo y artículos para vestirse de época

Dress up like General Custer, Daniel Boone, Squaw India or Juanita Calamity ... or sit with his favorite animal, it will be a fond memory that will last forever. Be part of the Far West and put yourself in the shoes of the great characters. Our professionals will service and advice you for a truly unique image

Playing Area

Feel like a real Redskin. Discover the customs, the way of life and many other curiosities of Native Americans at the tepees of our Indian zone.

Train Ride

Departures from "Plaza de los Osos" and making a tour around the different animal habitats. An easy way of seeing everything without getting tired.