The Ghost Band and the intrepid Ralph Lee

15 May, 2023 0

The director Rafael Gómez Heredia presents his new production «The Incredible Stories of Intrepid Ralph Lee, The Ghost Band», shot in part on the movie sets of the Oasys MiniHollywood.

This new story will narrate the lives of several characters that are part of the Ghost Band, which have terrorized the city of Tombstone with a continuous wave of robberies, as well as Umi, oldest daughter of the Navajo chief and Ralph Lee, friend of the town’s sheriff, Wyatt Earp, who goes to the call for help to solve a gruesome murder and ongoing spate of robberies.

After several investigations and unexpected plot twists with the help of nearby Indian tribes and Mexican towns, it is discovered that there is an infiltrator in the Ghost Band, helping the outlaws in their misdeeds.

Director Juan Rafael Gómez has relied on Oasys MiniHollywood to record his short that has different scenes in our film sets and is garnering good reviews in western cinema.

Oasys MiniHollywood’s commitment to western cinema goes back a long way. For years the theme park, in addition to being the usual setting for the filming of different films, has supported the promotion and dissemination of this genre through initiatives such as the Almería Western Film Festival.

The unique atmosphere that is breathed in the western town of Oasys MiniHollywood has also made it a unique space for recording all kinds of audiovisual projections.

Oasys MiniHollywood is always supporting the promotion of National projects and increasing the legend of the province of Almería and the cinema.

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