The University of Almeria inaugurates a Natural History Pavilion

12 June, 2023 0

Last Friday 9th June was the inauguration of the Natural History Pavilion, located opposite the Technical Scientific Building V of the University of Almeria.

The event was attended by local authorities and businessmen, including José María Rossell Recasens, founder and president of Senator Hotels & Resorts. He was representing Oasys MiniHollywood theme park and Aquarium Costa de Almería, which have contributed to the achievement of this space through the transfer of resources and funds for many years.

The museum will be a living space that will host numerous outreach activities and school workshops, as well as conferences and travelling exhibitions to achieve a scientific and educational dissemination for the whole society.

The Natural History Pavilion aims to become not only a cultural reference for the university community and Almeria’s society, but also a tourist reference for the whole province.

The ground floor has space for flexible exhibitions, which can also be converted into teaching laboratories for educational purposes. It currently has 1.500 specimens of fauna, flora and minerals on display.

This space is currently focused on the natural environmental resources of the province of Almeria. With an outdoor area with different plant species, both on the ground and in height, and climbers that will allow the nesting of birds and promote biodiversity in the area. In the future, the exhibitions will be extended to other parts of the Peninsula or the world to learn about the different contemporary ecosystems.

Oasys MiniHollywood has supported this project from the beginning, working closely with both the University of Almeria and CECOUAL, pursuing scientific dissemination and the Conservation of Species and the Environment.


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