We open a hotel for insects in our zoological reserve

20 August, 2020 0

The Oasys MiniHollywood Park together with the Central Gardening team of Senator Hotels and Resorts, has inaugurated an insect hotel in the native flora zone of the park.

The main hosts of this type of structure are bees and solitary wasps, but some other insects such as ladybugs use it as a refuge.

The solitary specimens of bees and wasps, look for holes where to build small cells where their offspring will develop.

In the natural environment they usually use holes in dead wood, but due to the negative impact that humans generate in nature, eliminating the small natural galleries, holes, undergrowth, etc… that they would normally use in the environment, we also affect their development from a large number of species that depend on all this plant matter and therefore on all insectivorous species.

In addition, some of the species that are tried to protect with insects hotels are in danger of extinction, such as some of the wild bees. In the new hotel, just opened in Winter, before cames the health crisis, we want all the species housed in it to feel like a home.

As material, stones are often used for beetles and spiders, clay with soil and hay for osmias and drilled logs for wasps and bees. It is also good to add some pine cones for the wide variety of insects seeking shelter, such as ladybugs.

Oasys MiniHollywood always developing an enormous work of Conservation and Protection of species and the Environment. For this reason, we wanted to help the surrounding insects, creating a hotel to compensate for the lack of plant matter and natural holes, so that they can develop more easily.


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